In 1890, Karl Elsener invented the Swiss Army Knife. Back then it was viewed as a marvel of utilitarian engineering. As it evolved over the years, it grew in size and complexity. Today some models sport as many as 87 implements performing 141 functions. A multifaceted knife created 129 years ago still going strong in this day and age is proof that the idea of a single entity useful for multiple purposes will always have a place in our lives.

Holding true to this philosophy, iGate Technologies can easily be deemed the Swiss Knife of the E-commerce world. We provide tailor made solutions to a wide range of clientele. We have set into place a whole new status quo by covering almost every type of E-commerce solutions a growing company might be in need of. Our biggest competitive edge is our ability to predict, prepare and enable solutions well before their time.


iGate Technologies is a multi-dimensional company that provides IT, Ecommerce and software solutions of various dimension. Our range of services on any and every E-commerce platform, Website or software solution is as diverse as the world of IT itself. From managing supply chains, devising CRM strategies, and deploying content management solutions to integrating enterprise-wide functions, iGate helps clients with comprehensive, efficient and robust solutions that meet all parameters of growth. Checkout some of the solutions we provide clients with on a daily basis: