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Who We Are?

What we do


We provide tailor made solutions to a range of international and national clientele, iGate Technologies PVT. LTD. Is revolutionizing the business scape by covering almost every type of IT solution one could dream of ranging from:

– Accounting

– Order fulfilment

– Data management

– Logistics, Marketing and Vendor management

– Software Development

– Professional IT services

– Call centers and Cloud based Technologies etc.

With the purpose of helping our customers engage with visitors, improve sales and target new avenues with the promise growth.

Our Mission

To produce works riddled with integrity, honesty and pride. Our customers make us the greatest in the Nation, only because of the value and consistency we bring to the fore. We don’t like to think we compete with the competition, we learn from them, and we try to generate better results in hopes that one day THEY will learn from US.

Company Culture

Without Culture there can be no growth. It’s a simple law of nature. The roots of a plant need the soil, nutrients and situation for it to thrive, it requires the ‘culture’. We don’t believe in simply employing resources, we believe in building careers. Each employ is a house to us, and we’re always trying to expand the number doors to open within them.



Software Technology Park (STP-3), Service Road North, I-9/3, Islamabad 44000, Pakistan

iGate Technologies

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