iGate Technologies is proud to call itself an equal opportunity employer. We strive to achieve a diverse workplace and celebrate our employees’ differences – whether they stem from difference in ethnicity, religion, age group, physical/mental disability or gender. Our aim is to help employees  unleash the best version of themselves by providing them with a holistic environment.

You’ll find countless ‘real-world’ cases of workplace diversity and inclusivity within our organization. The name of our company’s female Vice President and Head of Legal, Compliance, and Corporate Affairs – Ms Bushra Nazir comes to mind. She steadily paved her way to the top brass with complete support from the organization.


At iGate Technologies we believe the people behind the company are just as important as the company itself. We care about our people and aim to create an atmosphere that supports and celebrates their career developments just as much as the firms’ own growth.

It is with this mind-set that iGate Technologies has invested incredible amounts of resources in skill development that is incentivized by being included in individual employee KPIs.

Staff members all across the corporate hierarchy are encouraged to gain credentials or degrees in their development path and improve opportunity for advancement. It is equally applicable to both new and seasoned employees.


It is this dedication to human resource development that has uplifted our image in the market and encouraged countless aspiring individuals to join forces with us to build their careers. Our numbers have grown steadily so that now our staff stands at over 200+ dedicated employees.

As part of the ‘Pay for Skill’ program, our firm has partnered up with the  following leading MOOC Platforms:

  • HubSpot Academy
  • edX Online Learning
  • Coursera