At iGate we don’t just provide 360’ Ecommerce services or turnkey software solutions. We take pride in the fact that due to our extensive international  network and repute, we have been able to get accreditation and certifications for our clients from major international organizations.  Mentioned below are some of the international accreditation and certifications we have achieved for numerous products of our clients:

  1. CE/UKCA Certification
  2. BBBoC (British Boxing Board of Control)
  3. BIBA (British & Irish Boxing Authority)
  4. WBF (World Boxing Federation)
  5. NYSAC (Newyork State Athletic Commission)
  6. USPA (United States Powerlifting Association)
  7. IPL (International Powerlifting League)
  8. SMMAF (Swedish Mix Martial Arts Federation)
  9. WAKO (World Association Of Kickboxing Organization)
  10. FKF (French Karate Federation)
  12. C-TPAT
  13. ISO 9001:2015
  14. SEDEX