In 1890, Karl Elsener invented the Swiss Army Knife. Back then it was viewed as a marvel of utilitarian engineering. As it evolved over the years, it grew in size and complexity. Today some models sport as many as 87 implements performing 141 functions. A multifaceted knife created 129 years ago still going strong in this day and age is proof that the idea of a single entity useful for multiple purposes will always have a place in our lives.

Holding true to this philosophy, iGate Technologies can easily be deemed the Swiss Knife of the E-commerce world. We provide tailor made solutions to a wide range of clientele. We have set into place a whole new status quo by covering almost every type of E-commerce solutions a growing company might be in need of. Our biggest competitive edge is our ability to predict, prepare and enable solutions well before their time.


With the purpose of helping our customers engage with visitors, improve sales and target new avenues.